Body Treatments

Warm Honey Butter Body Wrap

Relax as your body is infused with moisture & wrapped in a toasty cocoon of blankets.

60 min – $90

*Add a 30-min massage for only $35

Island Body Glow

Renew your skin & your spirit with this soothing & smoothing body treatment.

60 min – $90

*Add a 30-min massage for only $35

Oasis Signature Foot Treatment

Take a deep breath & relax as your feet are buffed & massaged to a satiny finish.

30 min – $50

*$45 when added to a massage, facial, or body glow

Alternative Therapies


A therapy that involves pressure to specific reflex points on the feet.

30 min – $45

*Subject to therapist availability

Oncology Massage

Massage geared toward the particular needs of cancer patients.

90 min – $105 / 60 min – $80 / 30 min – $45

*Subject to therapist availability

*NEW* Abhyanga ~ Warm Oil Body Treatment

Slow rhythmic strokes massage the oil deep within the tissues and begins to restore the flow of prana (energy) that increases circulation, releases toxins, and deeply soothes the nervous system.

60 min – $90 / Add Garshana (dry silk glove exfoliation) $15

*Subject to therapist availability

Ayurvedic Facial experience

Sink deep into relaxation as the grounding scents and healing warm oils from India nourish your skin and soothe your mind. This luxurious treatment will leave you positively radiant!

60 min – $85

*Subject to therapist availability

*new* shirodhara ~ deeply calms the mind

Journey into bliss as warm herbal oil is poured in a thin steady stream directly onto the forehead (third eye). Shirodhara balances the mind, calms anxiety, reduces headaches, and expands awareness.

45 min – $70

*Subject to therapist availability


Experience an intuitive practice, based on pure, in-the-moment instinct, through which we allow the innate presence to guide the session. This means that each experience is unique; no two sessions are ever alike. Based on the prompts we receive from Source, we will use a combination of hands-on (light touch) & hands-off techniques, crystals, gem stones, sound frequencies, and essential oils to unleash the energy blocks and baggage that are holding you back from shining your Light!

90 min – $90

*Subject to therapist availability
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